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  ART santa fe 2017
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[ART santa fe 2017] ARTIST RIM HYO, July13~July16, SANTA FE CONVENTION

‘A chorus relations’series‥lovely porcelain was born as a chorus of relations
▲ A chorus relations, 120×90㎝ Handmade Korean paper, Indian ink, Och-chil, 2015

임효(RIM HYO)작가가 미국 뉴멕시코 주 중부에 있는 산타페(Santa Fe)소재, 산타페컨벤션센터(SANTA FE CONVENTION)에서 7월13~16일까지(July13~July16) 열리는 ‘아트 산타페-스펙트럼 예술 쇼(ART SANTA FE-A Spectrum Art Show 2017)’에 출품한다. 한국화가 임효(林涍)씨는 자신이 만든 수제한지 위 달 항아리 작업의 ‘A chorus relations’시리즈를 출품한다.

▲ 120×90㎝

◇A chorus relations

One piece of the whole puzzle has not much meaning. However, after it meets each other and connected, it become a shape and acquires a meeting. Relation, like a puzzle, by combining each piece of life, creates many different types of situation, languages or love. And then relation finally forms a universe because the rule of relation let one piece become the entire or the entire to a piece. Like a fragrant blossom grow up from a little seed with the relation of sunlight and wind, this lovely porcelain was born as a chorus of relations.

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