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  Untitled Document

  1983 1st Actual Scenery Oriental Painting Exhibit (Dongduk Art Gallery)
1986 2nd Image of Walls Exhibit (Dongduk Art Gallery)
1990 3rd Dialectics of Myths Exhibit (Joseon-ilbo Art Gallery)
1991 4th From Family to Myth Exhibit (Galleria Art Gallery)
1992 5th Reinterpretation of Shamanism Exhibit (Kumho Art Gallery)
1994 6th In Search of the Origin of Culture (Sumok Gallery)
1995 7th Dobujo Engraving Exhibit (Dongsanbang Gallery, Gasan Gallery)
       8th Wall Painting and Images of Remains Exhibit
       (Arts & Culture Education Service, Art Gallery)
1996 9th New Oriental Painting Exhibit of Contemporary Formative Concepts
       (Cheongjak Gallery)
1997 10th Hanji Incongruity Exhibit (Gallery Sang)
1999 11th Hanji Woorim Oriental Painting Exhibit
       (13th Sun Art Gallery Award Winner Exhibit)
2001 12th Hanji Durim Oriental Painting Exhibit (Sun Gallery)
2004 13th Creation and Coexistence Exhibit (Sun Gallery)
2004 14th Creation and Coexistence Exhibit (Jeonju National Museum)
2005 15th Colors & Languages form East (Gallery ASTO L.A)
2005 16th Yesterday and Today Exhibit
       (Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Art Gallery)
2008 17th Emptying and Filling Exhibit (Sun Gallery)
2008 18th Ten Thousand Flowers Bloom and Ten Thousand Fruits Ripen
       (Seoul, Cheonga Gallery / Busan, Haewoondae Culture Hall /
        Jeonju, Chonbuk National University Samsung Culture Center)
2009 19th Time and Nature Exhibit 'Lacquer of a Millennium
       - Beauty of Five Colors (Cheonga Gallery)
2010 20th Von Herz zu Herz - Impressionen von Bad Doberan
       (Galerie Roter - Pavillon Germany)
2012 21th the nature and life(seoul arts center hangaram art museum)
2015 22nd ‘The water - flow and play’ Ganainsa Art Center
2017 23th invited exhibition (the bloomvista)
  Forecast of Today and Tomorrow Exhibit (Walker Hill Art Planning)
1985 Young Artist Invitational Exhibit
       (National Museum of Contemporary Art Gallery)
       Yesterday and Today of Korean Contemporary Art Exhibit
       (In commemoration of opening the National Museum of Contemporary Art)
1987 14th Cheongguhoe Exhibit (Tokyo Art Gallery, Japan)
        / Korea-Japan Contemporary Art Exhibit ’87 (Kyungin Art Gallery)
1988 Korean Painting New Trend Exhibit (Stuttgart, Germany)
1989 Light of the East Exhibit
       (Atrium Gallery in Germany, Budapest Gallery in Hungary)
1990 Light of the East Exhibit II (Kazakh, Soviet Union)
1991 A Facade of Korea Exhibit (Korean Consulate in Osaka, Japan)
1992 Moscow-Seoul Exhibit(STROETERISTOBO, MOSCOW)
       Contemporary Art Exhibit in Commemoration of Opening the Seoul Arts
1994 Korea-Japan Art Exchange Exhibit (USA INDAH HOTEL, Indonesia)
1998 Korea-Dutch Contemporary Artists Exhibit (You Gallery, Gallery Jos Art)
       Seoul Arts Fair
Beauty of Residential Space
2000 Moving Art Gallery
200 Artist Exhibit (Sun Gallery) / Gwangju Biennale Special Exhibit
      (Joongwe Park, Gwangju) and much more